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Our vision is to provide a music program that is powerful both as a notation tool and as a sequencer tool. Musicator is known by insiders as the most efficient and work-friendly tool for creating a printed arrangement for a musical ensemble. With Musicator 6, the program also steps up as a music production tool by supporting vst, asio and incorporating a high quality internal sampler.

  Last service update: August 17. 2009          For multi user license requests, use this contact form

After 14 days of use you need to buy a software key to continue to use the program.
For troubleshooting information, read the support log or write your question in this contact form .


August 17. 2009

New service update (9th).

June 8. 2009

New service update (8th).

October 7. 2008

New service update (7th).

August 27. 2008

New service update (6th).

July 18. 2008

New service update (5th).

June 6. 2008

New service update (4th).

April 18. 2008

New service update (3rd).

February 29. 2008

New service update (2nd).

February 18. 2008

New service update.

December 12. 2007

New site launched.

December 01. 2007

First fix uploaded.

November 26. 2007

MCat6 released.

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