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MCat 6

‘Easy to use’ does not mean less powerful, it means better design

A music program that aims to show all details of music notation, as well as the parameters of modern digital music production, must be able to display a lot of data. The views must be carefully crafted and linked to give a sense of overview and control paired with a sense of easy access to details.

Most of the work in MCat 6 is done in just three windows, called Arrange, Notation and Mixer.

The Arrange window is one of the two main windows for displaying music data, the other is the Notation window. The Arrange window has been designed to most directly visually reflect the physical reality of the music. Midi notes are shown as piano roll staves, audio regions are shown as waves, and controls are shown as curves with control points.

With parts zoomed out the Arrange window shows large parts of the composition in an overview, here with the mixer docked to the left:

Draw a rectangle in the part around what you want to see up close,

and press the ‘+’ key to zoom in:

Under the user interface details of the Mixer window lies the brand new midi and audio sub system of MCat6, based on vst and asio. Please go // here // for an in-depth presentation.

The Notation window depicts your music as standard notation, not without reason the preferred format for displaying music for overview and interpretation. Musicator’s notation tools make it easy to let your musical intentions come through in the musical graphics. The Notation window can also be useful in a sequencing context, if reading music is in your repertoire.

Both score and (separate) part layout details are stored in the file, closely sharing data with the sequenced structure, so changes made will be visible (audible) in all presentation forms.

Very complex musical forms can be shown, when needed:

If you want to know more about sound, notation or other aspects of MCat6, please download and take a look at the program itself and the help file describing the tools more thoroughly. Before you know it, you might have created some new, enjoyable and interesting music.

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