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Service updates are free for licensed users of MCat 6. First uninstall your current installation, then download and install as you did the first time.

Service update 9, August 17 2009

Fixes: File load format compatibility correction.

Service update 8, June 8 2009

Fixes: Problem related to selection/dragging/deleting of global graphics, midi file creation with mid song tempo change, compressed part coda and segno positioning, consistent selection/deselection in multi note slash notation, copy of global graphics related to bar selection mode.

Service update 7, October 7 2008

Fixes: Improved installation process for user accounts with reduced privileges.

Service update 6, August 27 2008

Fixes: Improved dynamic (auto transposing) slur placement, improvement of note transcription value on irregular division of bar, prevention of display suppression of all parts in a score system, fix of notehead changes lost in drag drop operations.

Service update 5, July 18 2008

Fixes: Preserving rest edits in copy - paste and transpose, mouse note entry fix in double staff systems, keeping left/right hand separation in double staff transpose, bar and page number offsets when printing, note articulation reset bug , delta audio track compatibility.

Added functionality: Hold shift down to jump to marker using number instead of letter.

Service update 4, June 6 2008

Fixes: Old file compatibility correction, dynamic slur made more robust, space allocation correction in systems with pickup bar, voice error correction, paste correction, improved compatibility with Roland/Edirol usb interfaces.

Added functionality: New articulations added, flip articulation over/under staff from default position, shortcuts for paste insert and paste replace, estetic adjustments.

Service update 3, April 18 2008

Fixes: Quantize endpoints correction, improved cursor/caret movement when entering lyrics, some other minor details.

Added functionality: Tremolo notation, alternative noteheads, repeat bar(s) symbol, spacing using mouse on ruler, optional cut time/common time symbols, tempo mark addition, go to bar dialog - Ctrl+ G shortcut, added bar number display control, note transforms shortcuts, transpose dialog modification, shift+ left mouse button rectangle inverse selection, multiple bar rest number font enlarged

Service update 2, February 29 2008

Fixes: Multi-note merge in properties dialog, multi-part rest drag, score properties for score number 2,3.., double printing accidentals in part print/display, wrong bar position when dragging symbols in bar compressed parts, more visible drag handles for symbols, keep pasted or dragged notes selected.

Service update February 18 2008

Fixes: Print start page, score properties dialog, seventh step international setting, part print fixed accidentals, adjust of window/dialog sizes.

Added features: Barmode selection, Paste insert, Paste replace, Double click zoom in arrange view

Changes: Direct Mp3 export removed for copyright reasons.

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